confirmation of law regarding weights when towing

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Abbie and Anny
Jul 14, 2006
wrexham, north wales
I have recently bought a very old rice trailer with no plate to indicate unladen weightor maximum carrying weight ( its a double ) wooden floor and sides.any ideas how i find out about this? my rav 4 diesel can pull 2000kg (braked weight) can i get a plate made up???:confused:
I am in the same pradicament - i have bought an old rice trailer and cannot see the plate clearly at all. I have also replaced the floor with aluminium so asume this would prob affect the weight too.
Does anyone know how to get a plate made up at all?
There is a local weigh bridge near me could they possibly do it? and does anyone know how much it would cost?
sorry for all the questions :confused:

Nov 10, 2014
Sorry to resurrect the old thread, but does anyone know what the current legal position on trailers is?
So basically the max tow weight and max capacity of the trailer is irrelevant. As long as the weight of the trailer and contents are not above the max towing capacity of your make and model of car then you are legal. However if you are towing a combined weight of more than 3.5t you need your B+E licence. I towed legally for years under the 3.5t rule but when I started towing two I got me B+E.