Does this back look normal


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Ken skinner is a vet and a chiro I believe, I've heard a bit about him as he's based not far from me. I would definitely not rely on an over the phone opinion on something like that, it needs a hands on exam to be sure.

Ellie Sweet

May 3, 2019
So a few people said hey would be interested to hear what the chiropractor said. I have been told that I have a very strong and althletic horse who has a nice strong back. He said the lump is something that is extremely common and he see’s it in about 80% of racehorses he see’s it’s because she was raced so young and it shouldn’t effect her at all. Her hips are a little out but nothing another couple of visits won’t fix. In regards to her weight he said she is perfect and wouldn’t want anymore on. Very happy and relieved that she is on the right track.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
113 la land
Well that sounds very positive news. I do find it odd that the chiropractor says he sees alot of it. But they see more horses than me so I cant pass judgement. But if you suspect further issues I would suggest an xray to clarify.
Thats a nice picture and shes got a lovely glow on that coat.
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