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Feb 12, 2020
hi guys im new here, we have owned our horses nearly a year now we recently moved her yards and she has development mud fever, im new to the whole horsey world and this is the first time I have come across mud fever, I have read up on lots and lots of different products on how to treat it, do u guys have any simple tips on how to treat mud fever, we have been shampooing her legs with a tea tree shampoo and keeping her in and her legs dry as possible. her back legs have pretty much cleared up but one of her front legs has gotten a bit worse and it is now sore for her when we touch the area. any tips or suggestions would be greatly apricated. thank you x


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
IMO washing once with something like hibiscrub and then just keeping the legs dry is best, constant washing damages the skin and strips all the natural protective oils out of the coat. Then apply a topical cream to the scabs to treat them. I had a real battle with a nasty bout of it a couple of years ago and eventually found MTG plus to be a game changer (better than the vets wash and apply steroid/antibiotic cream regime) but I think there are various bacteria that cause mud fever and sometimes you seem to have to try a few different topicals to find the one that works, sudocreme is another really good healer for all cuts and scrapes.


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Apr 25, 2003
I use Barrier H Hoof to Heel as a barrier cream and good for removing scabs and put on leggings at night to dry off, works if they are in at night so you can get the skin dry. I avoid shampooing. If the legs are clipped the Barrier H cream is really greasy and repels the mud, and I then put the leggings on at night to warm them and dry them off.

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Jun 4, 2014
I use Horse Leads Creme de Fever, which helped clear up Pete's mud fever when he developed it this winter. I washed as infrequently as possible, as he's out 24/7.


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Jul 14, 2019
I’d normally just wing it a bit with mud fever, slap a bit of this or that on and hope for the best.
More recently, not for mud fever but scabby legs- horrible deep scabs which I’ve spent a fortune on various creams with no luck at all I found Shapleys MTG which is a stinking oil, it’s rank but fixed these scabs in days! It’s amazing stuff.
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Dec 6, 2018
wash with warm water with hibiscrub to gently remove the scabs, dry fully and use something like sudocream on any sores. Takes time but does work, defiantly keeping dry is the key, When I bring in, I either wait for the legs to dry and brush off all the mud or I wash with cold water (warm water opens the pores) then I apply baby powder it gives a film to prevent mud sticking and also a water barrier. If you put some on your hands and then put water on, you can still feel the film it leaves, like protection for a babys nappy!