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Nov 12, 1999
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Hi, elise.:) Found this on Wikipedia and thought it was a pretty good short definition of a curb bit:
The Action of the Curb Bit
A curb bit works on several parts of a horses mouth.

The bars: applied by the mouthpiece, and directly related to the length of the shank of the bit. The curb chain and a high port can also increase the pressure placed on the bars of the mouth.
The tongue: applied by the mouthpiece, with the pressure related to the thickness and type of mouthpiece.
The roof of the mouth: only applicable if the mouthpiece of the curb bit has a high port.
The poll: severity is directly related to the length of the upper shank in relation to the lower shank. All curb bits apply at least a little pressure on the poll.
The chin groove: pressure applied by the curb chain when the curb rein is used.
Side of the jaws: a curb bit may add some pressure to the sides of the jaw due to its length.
According to the article, the curb strap or chain acts as a fulcrum and allow the rider to amplify the pressure exerted on the bars/poll. So you're right - it does sort of keep everything together, in the same way a fulcrum keeps lever and load together.:)

What don't you like about your broken-mouthed curb bits?


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Oct 10, 2005
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The previous owner of Mister said that he always uses curb straps even on snaffles for the extra brakes. He did a lot of collecting with Mister, trail rides, and was a blind rider (He can see shadows)! Maybe it just gave him extra confidence that he could stop him if need be. Plus Mister was about 4 yrs old when he had him and was gelded late.
I believe in the philosophy if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I feel confident in my handling of Mister and he responds well to my aids without it so I don't think I will use a curb strap. I always count on the one rein stop because it puts him off balance and effectively stops him without launching me anywhere, I rarely have to use it. I pull back on the reins gently and release when he slows down and he stops with a whoa. He has a softer mouth than when I got him at first. Thanks for telling me what it is and how to use it.