Omega saddles


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Nov 20, 2007
At last!!! Someone else has found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been ravin' about these to my dressage friends with great interest... unfortunately we're all skint so no testimonials alas.... soz Remmy. I found a link off a link off a link from Klaus Schoneich's book, which led me to the horse innovation fair equi-something, you know how it is when you follow a trail... and this was before my visit from Lavinia Mitchell (another angel who changed my world).

Nope, never seen it the flesh.

My old RI told me I shouldn't waste my money as was loosely based on portuguese saddle design, a marriage if you like.

Maybe we could do a fundraising for a trial... yeah ok I'll trial it for you, no worries. Let me know when yeah?

However, all these new things I might add, all seem way waaayyyy off average Joe's wildest dreams e.g. the flexi-carbon tree design, how much was that?? £3000?? Geddaway. I mean, that will suit 6% of people with horses.

I mean this one, you can get a wide gullet made here in walsall surely?

Oh dear, about to rant.. will submit.

Still they are fancy and if I may add, futuristic....??
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