Stressless dressage... apparently!!!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Me and sox went on another outing today. Stressless dressage.. I was anything but stressless when I arrived! We were late setting off and due to his hind boots rubbing him severely I haven't used them so we have stayed in the school. Though he was a very very good boy. Just looking at everything and feeling the need to randomly stop, eating the hedge, doing the slowest walk he could ( though the archery, use going around he back of the place the golfers tee off and golfers all over the shop he was fine with! The black lightens up the path were terrifying!!!... When I am in a rush to get him there...
Got there and quickly went in the outdoor arena , he listened and did very well.

Onto the test, he spooked at the judges car. I guess he could feel my anxiety and the test was quite rushed and messy. Messing up on simply things. Cutting corners at times.. I came out and didn't feel my test went great and we could have done better. That it was messy , thinking we would come last.

I hadn't had a great deal of time to actually ride him though I had lunged him a number of times. Given the weather and that I didn't get to the yard until 20:00 most nights due to work by the time I lunged him ( we do a min of 12 mins walking to warm him up) then either work him properly on the lunge or I ride but he has been very sweaty I normally need to sponge him off an then he has to cool off before his tea..

But very very pleased with him! Sox is such a forgiving genuine boy who just wants to try his hardest and please.
Warming up.
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