Update on Guinness.


Tom, Max & Guinness
Nov 17, 2005
Lincolnshire , UK
Update on Guinness. * now with pics!*

I just thought you guys might like to hear how all has settled with Guinness.

After an initial " new boy" period where Max ( dominant male) made his life hard. Chasing him off Tom / me / any good food / anything that Max thought was his! Guinness has now settled into the herd so well.

He pretty much ignored Max, just trotting out the way when the old g*t tried it on. Guinness has fallen in love with Tom ,lots of grooming and sleeping together. It has also stopped allot of Tom's behaviour towards me, like trying to play roughly with me. He now has Guinness to play with!

G and Max have come to a quiet acceptance of each other now. G moves off if Max wants to get through but never far or quickly. He is not scared of Max at all and when we are not in the field ( just spying over the hedge) they graze next to each other!

Guinness has started to fill out a little and is walking well on his bad leg. His coat is getting a good shine and apart from the sun cream on his nose ( which then gets wiped on Tom as soon as I'm not looking) I think he is enjoying life with me.

He has some trust issues with his bad leg when he is loose in the field ( I teach all mine to stand stock still even when loose so I can check them all over with out the need of someone else or a place to tie them up) he likes to turn around to see what I am doing but we are getting there. I can't blame him after all he has gone through ( for his own good but he does not understand that! )

All in all I am very very happy :) I don't have separation issues with the horses now. I can take one away without all hell breaking loose. Guinness is happy and healthy and so are the other 2, what more can a horse owner wish for ???

Thanks to everyone who wished me well with him. He will be posing for a photo shoot soon x

ETA : a few pics of the boys this afternoon, as requested! :D

Best mates : Tom and Guinness

"Kiss me! you know you want too!"

Tom and G enjoy grooming aka biting each other!

Guinness showing off his soon to be new shelter

just to show i can get all 3 in pic :) Max must like him really:p
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Love Both My Boys xx
Oct 4, 2006
aww good to hear
your so lucky to have got him
he is so beautiful:)


Hattie & Bimble
May 16, 2005
North Lincolnshire
Fab to hear its all going so well :) - cant wait to see Bim and Hattie groom each other but i think they are a little way off of that yet ;)
We definitely need to see some piccies of all your handsome fella's asap!! :D


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Oct 16, 2006
The Cotswolds
Please to hear he's settling in well, what a happy ending(begining?) to what could have been a sad story!

Ooooh, looking forward to his photo shoot, all your boys are very photogenic!