WANTED: Horse to buy/spoil South East/South Central England


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Apr 30, 2017

I'm looking for my first horse to build a partnership and have fun with. I'm a first time owner but with bags of professional support at my current riding school where the horse will be on working livery. I've been back riding since September 2016 after a long absence but I decided about 5 years ago that this is what I wanted to get back to, but had to lose 4 stone and get myself fit in order to be the best possible rider for my horse. So, I'm committed to finding the right horse and investing the necessary time, love and money.

My ideal partner in crime would be:

* 16-16.3HH
* 7-14 years old
* Sports Horse type or thereabouts
* Preferably a gelding but I can't ignore a mare that ticks every box if you have her.
* Suitable for a novice, but not a plod. A confidence builder.
* Reasonably modest budget - I have a separate tack budget so if it came with all tack, rugs etc I might be persuaded to part with my tack budget too.
* Must be able to hack out on own/in company
* Done a bit of jumping but doesn't need to have BSJ/BE record or anything like that
* Doesn't mind a bit of flatwork
* Nice person to be around on the ground
Can have a couple of quirks (e.g. Nervous for clipping- that's twice a year so not the end of the world, etc)
* Must be able to be fed polos by five year old kids without killing someone

I am well aware I am asking for the moon on a stick here, but I know my new best mate is out there, I just have to find him.

I'm looking within 100 miles of Reading. Have access to transport if needed.

Here's hoping. :)