What happened to Belmont, Mill Hill?


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May 18, 2005
North London
Does anyone know why Belmont riding stables in Mill Hill, North London, close down? What's going to happen to the site? I heard a long while ago that the owners had wanted to create some super-establishment but the plans were turned down. Hope there's nothing sinister afoot, there's a lot of land there. Also, does anyone remember the Roses running the place. And what was it like with Mrs Rose in charge? Was she scarey then, too?! They're now at South Medburn. Just wandering when they moved and why? Too many questions, sorry!


Aug 22, 2005
I used to ride there. It closed down about 5 or 6 years ago, they didn't get the permission to develop and it was in quite a poor state so it did need rebuilding. At that point it was owned by Andrew Reid and I believe that when it was put up for sale he kept most of the land where the grazing and cross country fields were.
I've heard rumours that they are going to build housing on the land which would be ironic given they refused permisson on the basis that it was too much development on green belt land. I saw the plans and it was only really improving and replacing what was there. Moving the indoor school up the hill was one thing - does anyone else remember how dark and slippery the hill down to the school was on a winters evening? Meanwhile it's abandoned and falling into ruin.


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Sep 23, 2005
Mrs Rose!!!

I will never, ever forget Mrs Rose. Rode at Belmont as a kid and she used to terrify me. She was petite yet rode a vast 17.2hh horse, always in absolutely full makeup and show attire, and scared ten year old me to death. Once, when I didnt' want to ride the slowest pony in the yard she told me it would be better if I took up disco dancing!!!! 25 years on I am delighted to say I totally ignored her advice.
Belmont now in a sad state. I imagine that its owner will just hang on to it in the hope that planning law changes and it could be built on as it would be worth zillions for housing. Pity though, used to be a fab place.


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Nov 21, 2019
I remember Mrs. Rose very well! (I was the chief instructor at Belmont from 1982-1984). The Roses (Margaret, Harold, and daughter Jennifer) were lovely people, and moved over to South Medburn Farm around 1983, and the magnificent riding school was taken over and left in the totally incapable hands of former handyman Greg Parsons. Margaret Rose offered me a position with them at South Medburn when they sold upand moved on, but as they were going to operate solely as a livery yard (and no teaching), and declined the offer. But as I could see disaster looming once the Roses had departed, I naturally put out my feelers to move on elsewhere - which I did.
My signature photo here is a photo taken in 1984 at Belmont, near the entrance to the Indoor Riding School which was (as Cris0 points out) halfway down the hill. It was a great place, very high standards, and many happy memories!