Cat has really sore neck

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Apr 11, 2019
Hi all my wee cat has stress cystitis and could not get her to vet coz of work - she had one of her episodes where she wasn’t eating her food with meds in but I didn’t know as other cats ate hers and cut long story short her vet refused to sell me metacam unless I took her in and paid £70 charge and then they would have charged for metacam on top of that - a fb friend said metacam is bad for their lovers and to get cbd oil instead so I bought some for cats and dogs and then noticed few days later she had weeping sores and clawing face of herself so stopped oil and washed her wounds and put antiseptic cream on which helps for a while then she’s at it again was wondering if I could put purple spray on as I don’t have antibiotic powder to dry it up can post pics as well


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Oct 13, 2004
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£70 seems steep for a consultation? Or am I getting it wrong - you said they want that plus money on top for the metacam? Sounds like you might be best to book in for a consult either way, I don't know much about cats but if she's got sores it sounds like she needs something specially for cats to heal them? I don't know about purple spray - if it doesn't say on the can then I wouldn't use on a cat. Hope she heals up soon poor lass. Can you ring your vet for advice?
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May 2, 2007
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Yes you can use purple spray it will dry up sores. Just remember it might end up all over your carpet and furniture though.
I've never heard of stress cystitis so I just googled it. I really think you need to speak to your vet re your concerns. Unfortunately if the cat hasn't been seen in 6 months most vets now will not issue meds without seeing the patient.
I asked for some more ear solution for my dogs ear as I've run out. On going issue been going on for years, use meds sparingly. They said as she hadn't been seen for 6 months she needed to be seen before then could perscribe. She's due her vaccination next month. So I have said sod that. I'm not paying for a consultation now, then paying another consultation fee in 4 weeks for her vaccinations.


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Feb 8, 2012
Try and get her to a vet. Where are you? Round here most vets charge a £30 consult fee and lots of them are open evening and sat mornings. I'm in SW London happy to recommend one if you happen to be local. You will then have to pay for meds on top yes but it sounds like she does need seeing as sounds like she's in pain. If you're low income you may be able to get into an RSPCA vets or similar who offer reduced or even free vet care.
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Dec 20, 2004
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I'd want a consult if a home remedy caused open wounds, until then I would perhaps bathe with hibiscrub and leave open to the air to dry them (I wouldn't want purple all over my house). Metacam can effect their liver but pretty much all pain meds do, vets have to see the animal regularly to make sure nothing else is going on and the medication is appropriate and not going to make matters worse.


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May 18, 2009
Any kind of weeping sore on a cat needs veterinary attention really, cats are notoriously good at getting wounds infected so if for no other reason she needs to see a vet, personally if she is clawing herself so bad to create open wounds she is clearly in distress and maybe needs to see a vet sooner rather than later. As @Ale suggested above if you are on a low income try the PDSA.
Good luck and I hope your poor wee cat gets some relief soon.
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